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Boro Art Crawl

Had a great time at this month's Boro Art Crawl. These 2 pieces, "Arrhythmia" and "Words Unspoken" have found new homes and I hope their new owners are very happy. Thanks to the Boro Art Crawl committee for all of your hard work! 

See you all at the Folk N' Art Fest coming up July 23rd at Mayday Brewery! 



Following "Spondylitis" and "Hemorrhage",  "Arrhythmia" and a small collage, 9"x12". The background is a painting mounted on wood with an encaustic fill and a collaged heart. I really enjoy this colorful background. I think I'll do more of this in the future. 


Like "Hemorrhage", this is a 15"x24" collage with a clear encaustic fill. The background is also an abstract painting using acrylic and ink.

A hand drawn spine is collaged into the fill. 


This piece is the first of my larger encaustic fills. Typically, encaustic fills are done on a small scale because of the weight of the finished product and the higher risks of cracks with increased size. It is also difficult to melt as much wax as is needed to do large fills and to get it onto the canvas evenly without it drying before all of the canvas is covered. Despite the challenges, I believe I will continue to pursue large works like this in the future. This piece is 15"x24". 

The background is a poured non-objective painting with acrylic and ink.

I pour a clear fill into the canvas and collage a hand drawn brain into the center. 


Boro Art Crawl

I will be participating in the next Boro Art Crawl taking place tomorrow night, February 12th. I will be at Let's Make Wine, showing 4 pieces.

Small Piece

A new small piece. It is a 3D collage of found items; skeleton, nail, wood, metal, and text with an encaustic coating.


Words Unspoken

A new assemblage. Wooden letters, paper mache face, and wax in a box.


Boro Art Crawl

Tonight is the inaugural art crawl in Murfreesboro. I will be showing at Sugaree's Boutique and at Two-Tone Art Gallery. Come by and see some awesome local artwork! 


Wild Arts Day

Two pieces, Sing & Sting, will be on display at the Wild Arts Day Festival today. Go see some animal arts and make some things in the forest!

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