domesticating the queen

queen of spades, with a sewing theme.


two of hearts

now that you have that song in your head, here is my 2 of hearts. some Tim paper for the people, the heart cut out and placed on top.


altered deck: 52 card challenge

i have decided to finally take on a project i've had in mind for a while: altering a deck of cards. i have seen some nice examples online, the one above is from a blog called Jazzy's Favorite Art. their group gave each number a different theme and made it a cooperative project. i love the idea, but this time i'm going solo. and i haven't claimed that mine will carry any kind of theme. also i won't do them in any specific order, just whatever comes to mind. i also am not saying that this is a 52 day challenge, i'm way too busy to commit to that. but anyway, i am starting officially. and here is my first.
this is the ace of hearts. simple stuff here. i used 2 $1 stamps from Michael's and a small feather. very simple, but i am satisfied with it. much more to come. feel free to join in on the challenge at any time! post a link in a comment of any of the cards posts to share your work!

on a musical note....

here is another necklace. same idea and process as the other, but this one has the definition of music in the circle. i also overlaid some tan tissue paper on the words to give it a sepia effect.


waiting for something fluffy

i smelled the burning of dust off of a heating element and it reminded me of winter. then i remember all the nice things that come with winter. fall is my favorite season (can't wait to start dressing in layers again), but there are some nice things about winter. and here they are:

  • hot cocoa
  • snuggling
  • pajamas
  • slippers
  • booties
  • scarves 
  • more hair down time
  • kitty gets fluffier
  • snow days
  • holiday decorating
  • the smells
  • holiday foods
  • mittens
  • fluffy sweaters

....so that's some stuff i got really really excited about today. just sharing. maybe i'll make some more scarves this year. the ones above i made last year for my mom and mother in law. they were extra fluffy and tied with some nice vintage lace. gorgeous!


steampunk art necklace

i felt like making something new for everyday wear, a little more practical than a snail on a chain. so i sat down and created this!

the text is a dictionary clip, a definition of "art". the typewriter keys are from the lovely industrial chic collection from Michael's. i would buy all of it if i could, but it is too expensive. :( but you should check out the site anyway, i'm sure you'll drool.

i filled the text area with some 3D scrapbook gel stuff. it takes forever to get solid, but it's so useful.
can't wait for it to dry so i can show it off. :)
also, i am so glad i held onto some of that old barn wood from my wedding signs. it makes for great display backgrounds, and i just love having it around the studio.


Another Assemblage

with student teaching fast approaching and summer classes coming to an end, it's very hard to find time to craft. this piece has been in progress for a few weeks.

the shelf as actually a small house. i removed the roof and stairs to have a nice neat tray for assemblages.
I stuck with a common color saturation to make all of the items fit together.
I'm most happy with little sewing section and i love the twine that runs across the center. i think it's a happy return to assemblages.

I haven't had time or materials for this in forever, but it is very satisfying to see another finished project.

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