waiting for something fluffy

i smelled the burning of dust off of a heating element and it reminded me of winter. then i remember all the nice things that come with winter. fall is my favorite season (can't wait to start dressing in layers again), but there are some nice things about winter. and here they are:

  • hot cocoa
  • snuggling
  • pajamas
  • slippers
  • booties
  • scarves 
  • more hair down time
  • kitty gets fluffier
  • snow days
  • holiday decorating
  • the smells
  • holiday foods
  • mittens
  • fluffy sweaters

....so that's some stuff i got really really excited about today. just sharing. maybe i'll make some more scarves this year. the ones above i made last year for my mom and mother in law. they were extra fluffy and tied with some nice vintage lace. gorgeous!

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