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A few in-progress projects and many new show dates coming soon. Lots to announce in the upcoming week. :)


What Makes Us Tick, Tick, Tick

I keep coming back to anatomy as a theme. I love old technical drawings and illustrations of how things work, especially anatomical renderings. This piece is an exploration of black and white based on anatomy.

The skeleton fit so perfectly in this space that he inspired the whole theme.

I placed a jar with a tooth over a drawing of a mandible with some pearls.

The clock face is from an old pocket watch from the collection of parts I won from an art challenge ages ago.

Another drawing, this one of a rib cage with a small metal heart.

The large section has the number 206 in the background.

The last section is clock gears to tie in with the "ticking" theme.


Carousel: Using Colored Wax and String

These videos show how to prepare and add string using colored wax. They go along with my Carousel piece.

Step 1: Dipping String

Very simple process: melt wax in container (here I have them separated in a muffin tin on a griddle), dip strings into desired color, let dry on wax paper. WORK FAST this stuff dries super quickly.

Step 2:

Like on the Sing & Sting pieces, I'm not using any glue to hold things in place. Unlike those pieces, I'm adding my object, the horse, as the wax dries instead of before I add the wax. This lets it "float" closer to the edge rather than be covered in wax. 

Find more on my You Tube Channel available here, or by clicking the gray You Tube Icon near the top of the page. 


Center Stage

This is the last piece in my Circus series, at least for a while. This one features a plastic zebra, a metal crown, and lace set in a clear encaustic fill with black incisions.

I also added some drops of colored encaustic paint in primary colors to balance the black and white and to tie it in with the other circus pieces.

 The background image is a sketchy rendition of a circus crowd with a simple scumble for the audience.


Thank You!

Happy to update that my Go Fund Me Campaign was fully funded a day after posting by a supremely generous donor. Thank you so much for your help, I hope I make you proud. :)


Go Fund Me Account

View My Campaign and Donate Here!

This year has so far proven to be very lucrative for me in growing my art following and putting me on the path to become a professional artist. So far, I have been accepted to show at two galleries and had two publications of my work since I began this project in mid-February.

With your help, I can continue to show and sell my work at various venues and reach more potential customers.

Your donations would help to cover booth reservations, submission fees, and shipping costs. This goal is an estimation of cost for upcoming shows for the rest of the year.

Please show your support by donating whatever you can and spreading the message.

The deadline for my next prospective show is April 13th and the application fee is $40. Please help to get me to this goal in time! ^_^ 

Happy Rewards Time

I am also willing to give/make things in exchange for your donations. These will be back stock of things I have already made.

Want Something Specific?

 You can also help out by commissioning a piece specifically for you. Find more about how that works and prices on my commissions page. 

Reward Tiers

If you donate between $15-$30 you will receive a 3"x5" cardboard collage.


If you donate between $30-$50 you will receive a ~3"x5" tin assemblage/3D collage.

If you donate between $50-$75 you will receive a 6"x6" or 8"x11" encaustic collage on Masonite board.

If you donate between $75-$100 you will receive a small assemblage.

If you donate over $100 you will receive a large assemblage.


Two-Tone Gallery Show

You still have some time to see a few of my pieces in person and perhaps purchase them, if you feel so inclined. ;)

Two-Tone Gallery will have them on display until the end of March, go check it out. 


Encaustic Incisions

This is how I created the white incised lines in my Sing & Sting pieces which was not my favorite to work with (but of course it's the one I used for all of these videos! >:( ) 

I'm using a sharp tool to cut lines into the wax. Then I'm using a paintbrush and white wax to fill them in. Last, I'm using a sculpture tool to scrape away the excess wax to reveal a crisp line. 



This piece is a simple encaustic fill collage. I was inspired by a metal "7" piece I had and a poem I found, "Seven" by Mr. Ed on Author's Den. Most of the poem is written and placed as the background.

"Septiens", adverb form of "seven" in Latin, is stamped onto a thin metal piece and filled with black paint.

It's been a while since I've wrapped things. I love the way wire and string look. So this piece is also wrapped in a thin copper wire.


Into the Rabbit Hole Show

Image from Facebook Album of Brandy Nava which can be found here.
This past Friday was my first showing at The East Room in Nashville. This piece, Wonderland Reality was on display along with many other wonderful works by Nashville-area artists. Two shows down, more to come (hopefully). ^_^



Another piece in my ever-growing Circus collection. This is a 3D encaustic collage with plastic toys, wooden blocks, encaustic fill, and background illustration. Still staying with primary colors on this one. 

Still not finished with this theme. There's more to say about it and I haven't quite achieved what I want yet.


Encaustic Tutorial: Clear Wax Fills

I'm showing the process behind my Sing & Sting pieces, which are regrettably not my best craftsmanship (I mentioned how this was a weird batch of wax). You can view more and details at my YouTube Channel. Hopefully more to come, enjoy my first videos!

Step 1: Adding BackgroundVery fast and simple: glue desired background to wood. I'm using spray adhesive and handwritten text on 8"x8" masonite. You could paint on a background directly to the wood, but allow it to dry before you fill. Otherwise, you'll get "swirls" like those seen in my Tempus Fugit piece, which can also be nice.

Step 2: Adding a BorderSuper important! Make sure you have a durable border with no holes or gaps unless you love melted wax on everything. I'm using masking tape around the edge wrapped onto the back of the wood.

Step 3: Adding ItemsI added my item (a wasp nest) and poured in melted clear wax. You'll notice it is clear then turns opaque as it dries. I did not glue it down first. You may want to glue it in if you have especially delicate pieces that could move around. 


Forest Magic

This piece is a simple nature-themed assemblage in a small glass case. I kept with a yellow & brown color palette with natural tones. 

I added little "magic" touches like a "crystal ball" and a wand. Slightly fairy tale.


Lux Mentis Lux Orbis

This is an encaustic collage with an illustrated background and "found" light bulbs (mostly from cars, I think). The background is a drawn replica of one of Thomas Edison's lightbulb patents and was one of the harder things I've ever drawn. Seems easy, just lines, but getting them all to go where they need with no understanding of their purpose was challenging. 

I did a clear fill, waited for it to dry, then built a tape barrier and set it upright to fill the bottom as well to place the bulbs. 

This is my first piece to have a 2-way fill, pretty easy and turned out nice. 

I carved into some copper with a pointy stick (super technical) and filled it with black wax to make them stand out. 

And a close-up of some of the illustration because it's a shame to do that much work and just cover it up. 

Lux Mentis Lux Orbis: light of the mind, light of the world. 



Vintage Sewing Theme

This piece is a small assemblage made for Luna Girl Moon Beams challenge vintage sewing
Finally getting to use my old McCall's sewing pattern sheet and some other pieces like my spool and mini dress form. 

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