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This year has so far proven to be very lucrative for me in growing my art following and putting me on the path to become a professional artist. So far, I have been accepted to show at two galleries and had two publications of my work since I began this project in mid-February.

With your help, I can continue to show and sell my work at various venues and reach more potential customers.

Your donations would help to cover booth reservations, submission fees, and shipping costs. This goal is an estimation of cost for upcoming shows for the rest of the year.

Please show your support by donating whatever you can and spreading the message.

The deadline for my next prospective show is April 13th and the application fee is $40. Please help to get me to this goal in time! ^_^ 

Happy Rewards Time

I am also willing to give/make things in exchange for your donations. These will be back stock of things I have already made.

Want Something Specific?

 You can also help out by commissioning a piece specifically for you. Find more about how that works and prices on my commissions page. 

Reward Tiers

If you donate between $15-$30 you will receive a 3"x5" cardboard collage.


If you donate between $30-$50 you will receive a ~3"x5" tin assemblage/3D collage.

If you donate between $50-$75 you will receive a 6"x6" or 8"x11" encaustic collage on Masonite board.

If you donate between $75-$100 you will receive a small assemblage.

If you donate over $100 you will receive a large assemblage.

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