Sing & Sting

Today I created 2 pieces from found nature bits: a wasp nest and a bird's nest, Sing & Sting. 

The backgrounds of each are handwritten copies of Aesop's fables, The Bee and Jupiter and The Swallow and Other Birds. I placed the nests and did a clear fill around them. I also added some white scratches and splatters for variety. 

The wax batch I used for this was either old (can that even happen?) or not mixed well. It was very difficult to get it to do what I wanted and it kept cracking, making this "easy" project one that took almost all day. :/

Sing is also a submission for the challenge at Take a Word this week whose theme is "Feathered Friends".


  1. Very poetic vision of the theme Beth! :)

  2. A perfect little nest- I have found these in the wild as well. So beautiful and natural- love your presentation Beth!

  3. Love you collage and the crackles are just right; they give this collage personality.

  4. Thankyou for your beautiful artpieces and for taking us through your journey through the process.


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