1. Select a Theme

I'll need to know what "theme" to play with when creating your artwork. It can be a broad theme such as "nature", as simple as a color scheme, or based on imagery like "animals" or "cities". Choosing a theme first lets me know what kind of art to create.

2. Choose a Size
Choosing a size helps determine the amount of detail I can add. It also determines the price of the piece.

small: 3"-7" 

medium: 7"-12"

large: 1'-4'

3. Choose Medium
You may or may not have a preference of what medium I use. Some people prefer encaustic collages, some prefer mixed-media assemblages. I prefer to not be set by this boundary so that I am free to create your artwork in the best way that satisfies the theme. However, if you have a preference do not hesitate to let me know. :)

6"x6" Encaustic Collage
6"x6" Mixed-Media Assemblage

Please email this completed form to I will send a PayPal request for the amount agreed to the email you provide. When the payment is received, I will begin your custom project and send a confirmation email with an estimated completion date. Thank you!

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