next projects...

over the holiday i was able to go to my parents' farm and collect a few more very nice rusty things. not sure what to do with them yet, but i am very excited about them! any ideas?



finally! i graduated! i now have a B.S. in art education and i am done with school! until i find a job/get my masters....
so i now i have time to make some new art! this assemblage started with an industry inspiration. i got the tail light from my husband's car and the rest fell in behind that. i love the little dangling features at the bottom, that's something i haven't done before. i am also a new fan of 1" wooden cubes, they make excellent spacers and lifters, and they're very easy to recolor! i don't remember where i found the central piece, that metal circle...thing? but it is my favorite part. it fit in so perfectly! so here it is, Sequence, so named for the many tiny numbers scattered throughout. 

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