who else is surprised....

that 2002 was 10 years ago? in 2002, i was 12 years old, in 7th grade, and redecorating my bedroom with dark browns and greens. part of that was these "lovely" green and brown velvet pillows. 
they stayed around for 10 years, in our first apartment, and the two houses we've been in. but now, i have realized how much i hate them. and now they are gone. 
today i stole their insides and made these super adorable new pillows. they are both made from a single piece of cloth from the dollar tree and my old pillows were free. i used a sharpie to draw the designs, brown thread, and spray fixative to make sure the designs wouldn't run. as an artist, i had all that available, so the total cost of these pillows was $1!

the first is a simple wood grain design, kind of more graphic than realistic.
the second one is a tree pattern with N+B in a heart (nelson and beth).

and here is the whole new pillow family! i'm slowly on my way to a house full of new things i like. :)

**************SIDE NOTE****************
this is officially my 100th post!


2 weeks left!

March 5th, 12th, & 19th 
then you should come to my encaustic workshop at the Murfreesboro Art League! You can find their blog here. The image above is one of my student's work from a previous workshop, created by encaustic painting and string collage.

Join us in creating some amazing, original layered artwork using encaustic paints and medium! This is a 3 week workshop taking place each Monday from 7pm to 9pm. All materials are included, but you are welcome to bring any 3D elements, ephemera, etc. that you would like to include in your work, as well as any kind of surface. 

Surfaces will be provided (8"x8" Masonite board) but you can work on any surface that is durable enough to hold the wax (such as any kind of wood, shelving, canvas, or get creative!). 

If you choose to bring your own images for TRANSFERS, you will need Laser jet, NOT Inkjet copies (the toner from the Laser jet is what transfers). Any images you bring for collage or transfer will not be returned, so be sure you have copies. 

Since this is a 3 week workshop, we will be building on our skills each week. 

Week 1: Melting wax, safety, heat guns, dripping, collage. 
Week 2: Image transfers and 3D collage 
Week 3: Combine it all! Create your encaustic masterpiece! We will also talk about mounting and long-term care. 

Members to MAL are FREE! Non-Members: $5 per night, so $15 total. But, you should just join! Free workshops all year, a gallery to display your art and opportunities to sell your work! Membership rates: Regular - $45
Senior (65+) - $35
Family (living at same address –teens & up) $50
Student - $25 Sign up ASAP to reserve your seat!


organic shapes

inspired by my new love for minimalist, nature related things, i decided to sit down and paint...which is something i never do. i don't like getting out a bunch of stuff...but i am glad i did.
this was suppose to be (and i think it kind of still achieves this) be a graphic interpretation of wood grain. i wanted to use a color that was "just there", nothing too bold. and ta da! i am happy with it, i can't wait until i can get rid of my other stuff and head more in this direction with my decor.

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