organic shapes

inspired by my new love for minimalist, nature related things, i decided to sit down and paint...which is something i never do. i don't like getting out a bunch of stuff...but i am glad i did.
this was suppose to be (and i think it kind of still achieves this) be a graphic interpretation of wood grain. i wanted to use a color that was "just there", nothing too bold. and ta da! i am happy with it, i can't wait until i can get rid of my other stuff and head more in this direction with my decor.


  1. Anonymous7.2.12

    I will take some of your other stuff if you don't want it lol

  2. Anonymous9.2.12

    Btw I like the subtlety of this. I'm not usually into super modern looking styles, but this is really nice. I really like the mixture of modern + nature


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