Murfreesboro News Local Art Feature

I am Murfreesboro News' current featured artist for their Love Local section, go check it out. :)


Nashville Tiny Art Gallery #2

Works by various artists to be featured in the Nashville Tiny Art Gallery #2

My piece "Tiny Industry" has been accepted into the Nashville Tiny Art Gallery #2. It will be installed in time for the Nashville Art Crawl this Saturday, May 2nd from 6pm-9pm. Can't give a location, you'll have to use the website to scavenger hunt for it. Also, not sure how long it will be on display, more details to come. :)


Boro Fondo Art Show

I found out upon arrival this Saturday that I could not only display my three pieces as previously discussed, but I could also set up what I wanted to sell. Luckily, I had all of my things packed and ready to go from the Vinyl Fair earlier this month, so I could be ready to go in 15 minutes. A challenge, but I'm glad I could share my work with so many people. :)


Monster House Ranch Show

I have 3 works on display at Monster House Ranch during this weekend's Boro Fondo. Stop by to see them in person as you make your way through the tour. 



Yes, that title is the name of the piece. Etymology is the study of words and their origins. Entomology is the study of insects. And as I mix those up frequently, I have created a piece that incorporates them both. Each section has an illustration of an insect that represents something in various cultures.

The first section has a moth which is a symbol of knowledge within the Yaqui Indians tribe of Mexico. Because of that, the moth illustration gets the skull and Cogito, Latin for "The intellectual processes of the self or ego."

The middle section has an illustration of a ladybug. In some Chinese folklore, seeing a ladybug means that finding love is likely. So the ladybug gets the rib cage that would house a heart. It also gets Sentio, Latin for "to feel".

The last section is a bee, a common symbol of industry and hard work. The gets the hands and the Latin word for "to make"; Facio.

And that is Ety(ento)mology. A way too-complicated meaning behind a simple piece. 



Last week was a string of activities constantly to prepare for the Vinyl Fair and other shows. I think that I got a good start on things, but with that being my first booth, I had to start from nothing. Everyday after school was working on getting things ready until I went to bed. So I am taking a few days off from art. :)

Just an update for curious readers who are used to seeing me post something daily, that's where I am. I did get some awesome "art supplies" from my parents during my Easter visit. My dad showed me where the owls live and I got a nice collection of mouse skulls and a beaver skull (not eaten by an owl, I hope). So I hope I can incorporate those into some neat new pieces soon. 


WMTS Vinyl Fair

 Here are some images from my booth at the WMTS Vinyl Fair today. Thanks to everyone who came to support the arts and I hope everyone enjoys their new artworks. ^_^



Murfreesboro Art Drops

As a way to spread the word about my booth at the WMTS Vinyl fair this weekend, I did a few "art drops" around town this week. An art drop is where an artist leaves an artwork somewhere in public, takes a photo, and posts it to social media for others to find. I also posted some clues about the location so that others could find them. Each artwork had information about me and my work on the back so that people could easily look me up if they had inquiries. Hopefully they found good homes. :)


April Show at Two-Tone

New works will be on display at Two-Tone Gallery for the month of April. Go see them in person, they are much more impressive. :D



A second in my Mythological Creatures series, the Gamayun is from Russian folklore and is described as a "prophetic bird with the head of a woman".

My Gamayun began as a foam bird and a chunk of clay. I molded the lady head onto the bird body and was mildly impressed with my skills (I can't remember the last time I seriously worked with clay). 

I painted the clay to have her skin match the bird's belly tone and added some red doll hair to match the feathers. Although it is not super realistic, I am pretty happy with it. 

I attached her to a stick and attached the stick to a round wooden base. As with the Wendigo piece, I added a copper name plate to the base as well. 

Boro Fondo

A few of my works will be on display during the Boro Fondo Tour this year. Visit their website for more details on the event. It is essentially a self-guided bike tour of the Murfreesboro area with stops along the way to view art and listen to local bands playing.

From their website:
Boro Fondo is a bike tour, music festival and celebration of local music and home-grown arts in our own Murfreesboro, TN. Spanning April 25th and 26th, the second annual Boro Fondo brings twice the fun and all the great rides and music you expect!

My works will be at the Monster Ranch House at 214 Womack Ln., but also check other locations for more local art works:

Churchyard at 1723 Old Lascassas (no link)



This is the first piece in a new Mythological Creatures series. I'll be tagging them under the "Literary" category if you are searching by theme, since they are all based on stories. 

The Wendigo is a fairly common creature in folklore, originating from stories of the Algonquian people. It is supposedly what a human can turn into when he practices cannibalism for an extended period. While images of the Wendigo vary, they usually include elongated limbs and antlers.

Mine began as a small plastic skeleton. I added red clay to build up areas as skin and to hold things in place.

I added two twigs as antlers on his head.

He is affixed to a wooden circle base with a copper name plate.
I love the faux taxidermy element of this. It's like I snatched the little guy from the forest and mounted him on the pedestal. :D


WMTS Vinyl Fair

I will have a booth at the WMTS Vinyl Fair located at Mayday Brewery in Murfreesboro. It is a music and arts fair with booths selling original local art and vinyl records. There will be live music and samplings from our local beer breweries as well. Come see art, have fun. ^_^


La Mal du Pays

A simple piece: Wooden frame, written letter background, found metal piece, inscription on copper, and a chicken.

The metal piece was found on my parents' farm. Not sure what it is, but I enjoy it.

"La Mal Du Pays" is a French phrase translating to our "homesick".

And a little plastic chicken makes it all the more "homely".

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