happy earth day!

4 years ago on Earth day, my husband and i went to our high school for some hardcore vandalism...we planted this. lol. it wasn't kept up with after we graduated, but i am still very proud of what we did all by ourselves!
he started the environmental club there and we were voted most earthy and natural for senior superlatives. this day was made for us, ha.


mantle clock, redone

this is a re-do of an old piece, which aparently i didn't even like enough to give a name. a link to the old piece can be found here
it started with an old mantle clock body that i found in the trash (whoo!) i kept with the old theme of time and death, but added some different pieces. 
since the recent encaustic workshops , i have had a surplus of supplies, and it's all out...so i can use wax in my assemblages!
the compartment with the wax and nuts is my favorite. i also love the rusty metal circle and the eye. 
much happier with this piece now!

rust and white

this piece nicely reflects my new-ish love of mixing rustic country with industrial. it started with a simple wood shelf from the Dollar Tree (whoo!) spray painted white.
then i started to add some little pieces, trying to keep with a white, pink and silver color scheme. 
after that, i decided it needed more rust and wood textures. so i added the screws etc. on some tree bark.
then i thought i was done...but i didn't just want to hang a white piece on a white wall...so i brainstormed for a few days and figured out how to connect the piece to an old rusty door
just mounting it on there (with contact cement) and putting it on a wall was not an option. the door had rusted so much that the handle could not come off, and it would hang awkwardly on the wall. so i added a wooden square to the back and disguised it with some tree bark, now it can be propped up like a picture frame!
...which turns out to be a nice change...you can't hang everything on the wall...

deconstruction and re-do

nothing is safe until it's out of the workshop...and these pieces were not out yet. working on some "new" pieces, which means i hate some of my old stuff, and i am destroying it. sorry if you were a fan of those works....they are gone now...and there are much better new stuff on the way!


coming up....

i've gotten in some good art time recently...but nothing that is finished :(. here is a glimpse of what is to come. it's mostly finished, but i need to find a way to mount it. i could just hang it...but that seems a bit boring for this one. somehow, i want to mount it on this nice piece of rusty metal, but it's not working out quite right...we'll see!

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