mantle clock, redone

this is a re-do of an old piece, which aparently i didn't even like enough to give a name. a link to the old piece can be found here
it started with an old mantle clock body that i found in the trash (whoo!) i kept with the old theme of time and death, but added some different pieces. 
since the recent encaustic workshops , i have had a surplus of supplies, and it's all out...so i can use wax in my assemblages!
the compartment with the wax and nuts is my favorite. i also love the rusty metal circle and the eye. 
much happier with this piece now!

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  1. Anonymous24.4.12

    All your new work is awesome! I need to get my butt into shape! Actually, I'm planning on finishing all of my tape wallets and trying to get them up onto Etsy sometime tonight, if I can find the time...or..at least get started on it...prolly redo my shop. i need to get rid of all this stuff I have made that's just laying around.


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