rust and white

this piece nicely reflects my new-ish love of mixing rustic country with industrial. it started with a simple wood shelf from the Dollar Tree (whoo!) spray painted white.
then i started to add some little pieces, trying to keep with a white, pink and silver color scheme. 
after that, i decided it needed more rust and wood textures. so i added the screws etc. on some tree bark.
then i thought i was done...but i didn't just want to hang a white piece on a white wall...so i brainstormed for a few days and figured out how to connect the piece to an old rusty door
just mounting it on there (with contact cement) and putting it on a wall was not an option. the door had rusted so much that the handle could not come off, and it would hang awkwardly on the wall. so i added a wooden square to the back and disguised it with some tree bark, now it can be propped up like a picture frame!
...which turns out to be a nice change...you can't hang everything on the wall...

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