About Me
i am a 22 year old art teacher living in Mufreesboro, Tn. with my husband Nelson and our kitty Zoot. i teach workshops at local art stores, and i am also a substitute teacher until i get a real art teacher job. so that all keeps me pretty busy, but whenever i have spare moments between all the art i have to make for school, i like to do my own thing in the little "studio" in my house (a half of an office i share with Nelson and all his music stuffs).

 we met our freshman year of high school and started dating at the end of our junior year. we have been together for 5 years since and were married on June 25th, 2011. so that explains the wedding crafts on here as my attempt to have an inexpensive, unique handmade wedding. he is a music education major at MTSU and has been playing saxophone for 9 years. he's pretty much the best guy ever.

 he is our kitty! a 3ish year old mackerel tabby. he loves to destroy my things, but he's the cutest thing ever, so it's okay. my favorite things about him are how he answers when i call to him, he picks things up with his mouth and carries them (cutest thing ever), and he always rolls for a belly rub when i get home.

The Studio
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this is where all of my creating happens. i'll let the illustration speak for most of it, but basically all of my storage is allotted to random things i find and am sure i will use for art someday, and usually i am right. i did some "spring cleaning" yesterday to throw away everything i was never going to use.....and i threw away a storage box that i replaced with a better one, so fabric scraps...and i think that's it. i am so bad. i swear i'll be on Hoarders  one day. but Nelson doesn't help really. last week he insisted that i go to a trashcan he found and pick up a bag of "neatly organized yard scraps". and he wasn't wrong. there was paper bag full of baggies of walnuts, pine cones, cut sticks, etc. and i love it.

My Art
i started creating altered art in high school. i think i was mostly bored with traditional art, and i was amazed at all the different venues you could have for art, like tins, cans, bottles, etc.soon i discovered how many wonderful internet sources there were to learn more about it, and eventually created my own site. i started "altered art by beth" in 2008 and messed around with some projects, nothing too spectacular. one of my domino accordion books was featured on Scrapbook Crazy About Mini Albums, but other than that nothing notable came from that blog. so in June 2010, i created eclectic etc. and have found more success with that. i love taking part in weekly and monthly challenges and connecting with artists all over the globe. i am constantly growing and changing in my techniques and styles and always love seeing what everyone else is up to. mostly just happy to be a part of this evolving art community that is altered art.

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