The Stars are Projectors

A piece for the weekly challenge at Theme Thursday: Stars. This is an encaustic fill in a 3"x5" tin with star embellishments, paper, and glitter. The rest is lyrics from a Modest Mouse song. (Who else is super excited about their new album next month?) 



This is a simple piece using an old rusty tin circle, a fake bee, clear wax, and some shines embellishments. He is adorable. 



I keep wanting to play with the "circus" theme and I have a ton of objects for circus assemblages. But I am not one for a lot of color. Some people are great at making colorful artworks look beautiful. I am not one of them. Using primary colors, a clear fill, a horse, and a drawing, I made this carousel encaustic work. Don't expect this to be the last circus piece; I don't feel that I've explored the theme as fully as possible yet. 



A collection of objects and drawings that I've gathered over the years to finally create an "Alice in Wonderland" themed assemblage. I've been asked before to create an Alice piece, but I've never had the right inspiration to find the best composition. Inspired by the drawings in the background of my Lurking piece, I was able to make an assemblage with a neutral color palette and a minimalist composition.

The top section is a clear wax fill over a handwritten exerpt from the opening of the story with a pocket watch embedded. 

I used the same technique over a stamped background with embedded keys. 

Other objects such as doll legs, bottles, cards, keyholes, teacups, and natural materials were added in other sections. Plus that cute rabbit that I'm proud of. 

Work in Progress...

Can we guess the theme?


Tempus Fugit

This is a work for the Three Muses Weekly Challenge: Balloons. It is an encaustic collage with 2D & 3D materials. I used wooden pocket watches as the air balloons with gears for the baskets. The colored lines are white string dipped in colored encaustic. The background stripes, clouds, and text are all paper collage. A very airy and light and fun piece.

And I got these wonderful swirls by painting the background with white acrylic paint before I did the clear fill. :D 



This is a nautical work that I've been staring at for a couple of years. I was trying to add too many things and it wasn't working out. I finally got it finished because I concentrated on the background instead of the objects. I did an illustration of three sea creatures and kept the found objects minimal. 

I added a few objects and did a shallow wax fill. Very happy with this one. 

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