Turkey turkey turkey

made some time for turkey making with Nelson this week! we cut out our hands from construction paper and glued poms and pipe cleaners and google eyes to make super cute turkeys! but they wouldn't stand by themselves, so we made bases for them. here are our turkeys!
of course the kitty had to make it difficult by attacking all of the materials while we were making them, but that's what kitties are for. so i made him a cute kitty scarf (pics to come).

and here is my boy with his turkey, so proud!


art paying off

happy news! yesterday i was informed that i had won the art education scholarship at mtsu! for this, you need to turn in an application, an essay, a lesson plan and 2 original artworks. i chose to turn in Assemblage 64 and Series 1/4: Projection.

this was just the push i needed to remind me of what i'm doing in college and that i can be successful. and now i think i can manage the strength to finish all this schoolwork!


making assemblages for class??? ok!

finally! people who get me are making lessons for my classes! in our secondary education class, the students make their own lesson plans and those are the studio projects we do that semester. my friend kelly made a lesson based on Joseph Cornell and used idea of secrets as a theme. so we were to make assemblages from cardboard boxes we made ourselves to convey a secret of ours. my secret was that i loved fashion. i've always been kind of an anti-girl kind of girl and pretend to not care about clothes....but secretly i love love fashion. so that was my box theme! i made some tiny bunting to go across the top and used a gold painted barbie doll as my mannequin. about a week earlier, i pick up a fabric sample book from a consignment shop (only $4!) and used many of those for my background. the mesh was added to break up the space and the zipper was put on for interest, and it did become one of my favorite parts of the piece!

Alter-It Monthly: Dominoes

i was super excited about this month's theme! and i took it as an opportunity to finish a piece i started about a year ago. i also finally used some of the itty bitty clock pieces i found in an old watch. i started by going over the piece with a semi-transparent gold. then i used an amazing $1 stamp from Michael's for the clock on the front. i inserted some tiny screws into the button holes and added the little clock gears. finally, i sprinkled some gold glitter (nothing's complete without glitter) and wrapped the cover with copper wire.
i stamped the inside pages with some more $1 stamps to finish. i am very happy with it and glad that it is finally finished. :)

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