making assemblages for class??? ok!

finally! people who get me are making lessons for my classes! in our secondary education class, the students make their own lesson plans and those are the studio projects we do that semester. my friend kelly made a lesson based on Joseph Cornell and used idea of secrets as a theme. so we were to make assemblages from cardboard boxes we made ourselves to convey a secret of ours. my secret was that i loved fashion. i've always been kind of an anti-girl kind of girl and pretend to not care about clothes....but secretly i love love fashion. so that was my box theme! i made some tiny bunting to go across the top and used a gold painted barbie doll as my mannequin. about a week earlier, i pick up a fabric sample book from a consignment shop (only $4!) and used many of those for my background. the mesh was added to break up the space and the zipper was put on for interest, and it did become one of my favorite parts of the piece!

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