happy Earth day!

3 years ago on Earth day, my fiance and i went to our high school for some hardcore vandalism...we planted this. lol. it wasn't kept up with after we graduated, but i am still very proud of what we did all by ourselves!
he started the environmental club there and we were voted most earthy and natural for senior superlatives. this day was made for us, ha.
made it over 2000 views today, whoo!


three muses challenge: mail

the challenge at the Three Muses this week is.....mail! so i FINALLY had an opportunity to use the rusty mailbox door i found over a year ago. this is a shrine to goddess of mail.

first, i laid down some text paper from a Tim Holtz paper stack. next i used the doll head from my first and only WOYWW (remember that?) I took out the flowers that were formerly her hair and instead gave her a wig of newspaper.

i glued her onto the center of the door and wrote in some text with a calligraphy pen (rain, snow, sleet, hail; MTWRFS).

next i glued on the MAIL letters to the bottom and took some other letters form the Tim stack and cut them into circles. then i used some glossy accents clear embellishments to coat those and make them more 3D.
i then wrapped some postage string around one side (you know how i am about wrapping things) and it was finished! ta da! a shrine to the goddess of mail!

how i decorate my easter eggs

while waiting for another project to dry, i started to fiddle around with some stuff on my desk, and made this! it is a forest tea party inside of an egg.first, i used pliers to break into the ceramic (or maybe plaster?) egg. then i glued in some fake moss and a leaf. the table is made from a cork and the tiny cup and spoon are from the same Bratz play set as the bottles on my fish necklace.

so there is it@ so simple, took about 30 mins. to make, but i believe it's one of my favorite pieces. :)



i won my first challenge! The Time challenge at Alter It Monthly! Sooo excited about my prize, and hopefully you will all understand. Most people don't get very excited when you tell them you won an art challenge, and are less impressed when they hear that the prize is a box of broken watch parts. but i couldn't be more happy! the prize above was provided by Vintage Supply Co. (check out their cute etsy shop).

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