three muses challenge: mail

the challenge at the Three Muses this week is.....mail! so i FINALLY had an opportunity to use the rusty mailbox door i found over a year ago. this is a shrine to goddess of mail.

first, i laid down some text paper from a Tim Holtz paper stack. next i used the doll head from my first and only WOYWW (remember that?) I took out the flowers that were formerly her hair and instead gave her a wig of newspaper.

i glued her onto the center of the door and wrote in some text with a calligraphy pen (rain, snow, sleet, hail; MTWRFS).

next i glued on the MAIL letters to the bottom and took some other letters form the Tim stack and cut them into circles. then i used some glossy accents clear embellishments to coat those and make them more 3D.
i then wrapped some postage string around one side (you know how i am about wrapping things) and it was finished! ta da! a shrine to the goddess of mail!


  1. I love this mail art your goddess is beautiful and I love her eyebrows !


  2. From a rusty mailbox door to a shrine to the goddess of mail. Unique, original, and beautifully done. Thanks so much for sharing your talent with us at Three Muses this week!

  3. Awesome unique piece. Goddess of Mail rules!

  4. I'm totally blown away by your fabulous and unique interpretation on mail. Thank you so much for sharing here at the Three Muses.

  5. How wonderful! This is such a great assemblage and that alone takes it to a higher level. Love it that you took time to disect your creation for us...I am SO inspired. Thank you!

  6. WOW, this is absolutely stunning!

    Happy Easter!


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