assemblage 64

so...it was a rough week. i started this project on tuesday and have just finished it at 1:10am on saturday night. usually these go by pretty fast, but i got stuck on places so many times! it was completely worth it though. i am very satisfied with this assemblage and i love this piece.

i used the other little shelf seen in the earlier picture for another assemblage, this one is also from the dollar tree, yay. i have been researching assemblages from other artists, and i wanted to create another one that was more filled. im usually timid with filling the spaces, but this time i completely packed the sections and i love the results. although, i did leave a couple with only an item or two, but i feel that it was the right decision.

my favorite part of this is probably the spool and feather. as soon as i put them together i was in love. it's just such a compelling piece, i have no idea why, and you all probably think i'm crazy.

breakdown: the bottom left space has the spool and feather with a pile of buttons and part of a paintbrush with a corrugated cardboard background. i love the little 7 on the paintbrush.
the next one over has a die with many different numbers, all multiples of 4. i don't know what it's from, but i loved the color and the interesting numbers. the cork and bottle cap gave this space the perfect depth and some great color.
to its right is a space full of keys and key related pieces. i had a hard time organizing these because of how 2D the pieces were, it was difficult to give them depth when they were put together. so i used modeling clay to raise the space and used cardboard for the background, then simply arranged the elements. i am pretty satisfied with that.
next row up, the center space contains a prickly ball, no idea what it is, it was in my yard. it also has a mini domino and a small bottle that contains a fortune; "others appreciate your creativity".
the top left simply has an old pocket watch that i was going to gut and use for a small assemblage on its own, but i think it works better here.
to the right is a crating sponge for texture and a small spaceman we found in our old home.

the last section is the reason it took me so long to finish this piece. i had so many elements i wanted to use an no way to make them look nice together. this is no where near how it looked this first time i put it together. the final product is a gold arm, small bottle with sheet music inside, a tiny paintbrush, a fuse? maybe? and part of a saxophone reed with a mesh background. i like that the fuse is intertwined with the mesh, which was my fiancee's idea, not mine. i also like the arm and the fullness of the space.
on the edges of the spaces i screwed in a key and a cog.

my favorite part of the overall piece is all of the little numbers spread throughout the piece. they're subtle little details that i think make the entire piece interesting. what do you think?

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