what i love this week....

to keep myself going with this, i've decided that i need some kind of prompt. i decided to use many. one of which is "what i love this week", which will include inspiration blogs, projects and how i incorporate those idea into what i do. so what i love this week is COLLECTIONS. i found an amazing blog, Aesthetic Ouburst. she finds all these nice things so i don't have to! i have no idea how long she's been blogging, i've been looking through her site for almost 2 hours now and am still nowhere near the end of her pages. i collect a few things, and this week i am sharing my jars and bottles. this isn't nearly all of them, but these are the ones that fit on this neat little shelf i salvaged and painted and they hold my craft supplies: feathers, beads, gears, chipboard, etc. i also keep a few little empty bottles on there, just for display and contrast. this is one of my favorite elements in my office, and i will be posting more pictures of the rest of the place soon. i also collect snails, just because love them. but they are no where near organized, so you don't get to see them. :)

another wonderful thing that i WISH i could collect more is vintage mushroom things. i have a few already, all from thrift stores; coffee cup, clock, and napkin holder that i use for a note holder on my desk. i also found some amazing mushroom canisters, but i wasn't allowed to buy them because we had just gotten new stainless steel canisters. :(


  1. Anonymous27.6.10

    Hey sweetie!

    I LOVE looking at your stuff and I am very impressed! I will start looking for Mushroom items and will get them when I see them! Now I have an excuse to go to Goodwill etc. gotta find Beth some fungus items ..LOL

    I love and miss you!
    Mama Anne who is really not anonymous...LOL

  2. thanks! i love you too!


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