tim holtz inspired

this is me trying to figure out what to do with the aforementioned 7 and 8 i acquired. the 6 was used in a simple necklace composition, and the 8 is used in this one.

inspired by, who else, Tim Holtz's work, i created this piece. (not the one with the 5, that's tim's.)

i had some copper plate left over from a high school project that i decided would make a great setting and stable base for this piece. i used green scrapbook paper for color contrast and a rough grit sandpaper to create a mesh feeling that also breaks up the composition. then i added a cog (actually i think its the exact same one he used, oops) that is held in place with a brad. the nut has some green and some copper color in it, so it was perfect to use for this. it is help in place with copper wire that runs up to the top and is clamped in place. for an extra sparkle i added a plastic gem (no idea why, just felt like the right thing to do). it actually kind of gives it a feel of an old oil lamp or an early edison bulb and makes me think of things like 9 or The City of Ember.
last, i used a stabbing tool to make two holes: one in the top for stringing onto a chain for jewelry and another on the bottom to hold the 8 in place. the 8 is connected with a gold jewelry making wire.

this is one of my favorite pieces, even though i don't know what to do with it yet and i may or may not be finished. i love the colors and the steampunk feel. i still have the 7 left to work with, we'll see what comes of that!

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