what i love this week....

initially i was going to post one of these every tuesday, but i had spare internet time while working on the latest project so i got this one done early!

so what i love this week is....tea cups! the ones above were found at Oh Joy! sometimes i like to feel fancy and sweet, and now is one of those times. so were the time when i created these pieces.

this first one is a simple ATC (which i really need to get working on some more!) i used scrapbook paper pasted onto card stock to add depth and cut them into tea cup and tea pot shapes. i love using scrapbook paper for silhouettes, it just seems so fulfilling to the composition.

this one is also and ATC. all of the elements are scrapbook paper, the tea cup is raised. the text and black swirls are stamps, the swirls are from Michael's and the text "you're my cup of cocoa" was a birthday gift from a friend ages ago.

this last one is an encaustics piece i did in my summer workshop. again, scrapbook papers were used for the silhouettes and collaged into the wax medium. the text "your late" i wrote out and image transferred onto it. the orange is the only part of the piece that is not collaged, it is encaustic paint. i think this piece has a kind of Alice in Wonderland feel, and that's what i was thinking when i made the text. the green lines at the top are incised and filled with encaustic paint.

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