Jewelry: Graphic Numbers

i found these excellent number pendants at Michael's for half off the other day, so of course i couldn't resist. the have a very steampunk-esque feel and reminds me of the movie 9, even though i've never seen it, it looks great though.

this was a very simple composition. i started with a chunky silver chain that i spray painted gold to match the piece better. a piece of gold wire was strung through the top of the 6 and two beads were added. then simply connected to the chain! a very quick piece, very beautiful and vivid colors that will bring a pop to any outfit. i especially like it with this purple and orange palette. i still have a 7 and 8 to work with, as well as a ton of other great pieces, but i am out of chain! which happens to be kind of expensive. so those other pieces will have to wait, although i am very eager to get started on them.

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