this is my new blog, moved over from Altered Art by Beth. basically i wanted to move to more serious work, not just playing around with different techniques. i also wanted a more catchy site name, and i think i found it.

i am 20 years old, and i will be getting married next year on June 25th, so there will be a few wedding projects on here! this new blog will include projects i do for myself and my home as how-to's on certain crafty things, as well as professional work done at school and collaborative works with other artists. i am a huge fan of collaborative art journals and swaps, and i would love to participate in any that you know of, so please let me know!

i would also like to know any suggestions or tips you have for my work or any new ideas from similar styles, always looking for new things!

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  1. Anonymous18.6.10

    you are too cool :) i love everything on here..esp your bottles! i <3 bottles!!!
    <3 Q


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