thrift shop inspiration venture

so after getting all of my video gaming out, i took a trip around the thrift shops in town, and found some wonderful things! this is one of the best trips i've had. everything in the picture, altogether, cost $4.95! so happy.

the little clowns are going to be used in a circus themed assemblage i am working on, and the little grandfather clock is being used in another assemblage. so i have about 3 different projects going on at the same time for now. i was going to use the silver pins in a nautical themed work, but i love them so much i think i'll just wear them on my jacket. :)
i was going to use the tins for bridesmaid gifts, but i have a different idea for that now, so i just have spare tins!

one of the best little surprises was when i opened up the clock face and found all of these awesome miniature treasures! they are super tiny, but gorgeous little cogs and gears that i want to use in some sort of mini-assemblage.


  1. Wow, what an amazing collection of things for such a low price - wish I had shops like that near me!! Look forward to seeing what you do with them all.

  2. thanks! im looking forward to it as well, trying hard not to repeat myself. so who knows what i'll come up with!


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