what i love this week....

bird/nest themed art. the one above can be found at Studio B along with a plethora of other bird related art.
i had started on this piece before i saw the three muses theme this week: odd birds. so i may go back and make something for that too, since i am feeling birdy as well.
the whole piece is made from a jar lid, spray painted gold. then i used some robin's egg blue and gold wallpaper on the inside with a silhouette of a bird on top. then i added some blue and white lace around the edge, and i love the effect! it made it feel very homey and domestic, kind of like my altered tin about womanly duties.
then i added the feather and beads to the bottom, which gave it kind of a dream catcher feel. so i went with that and added the blue thread with beads to the surface and some buttons on the inside to play on the domestic theme.overall i feel that i created something that is very cohesive and brings together a lot of different themes; a domestic theme, which relates to the feeling of being trapped in a role, which goes to birds and freedom which is echoed by the net created by the dream catcher threads. so i was very surprised when i got to the end and found how well everything fit together. in my studio classes, my professors are always pushing us to tie things in a relate things, so i think they would be very proud of this. :)

i had wanted to add a small egg to this, but all of mine where too big. then i got lucky and found a real egg that was the perfect size and color! unfortunately, i found it an hour away from my house while visiting family, and it did not survive the ride home. but i used the pieces any way and this is how it looks now!
i kind of like it broken, it goes with my "freedom and breaking out" theme. so i'm happy with it, and i am currently working on another dream catcher-esque piece, steampunk themed. :)


  1. This is a beautiful piece of art, Beth. It all fits together so well and is lovely to look at!

  2. Great pieces, I Love everything to do with birds!


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