inspired by sewing...

and other womanly tasks. this altered tin uses the theme of womanly duties in society.
i found these wonderful women in a national geographic magazine with the caption "now look pleasant, that is all." i used a green, pink and gold color theme because i actually started thinking this was going to be a fairy tale tin. instead it turned into this after i added the women. i love the layers in this, especially the lace. my little spool was black and bare, so i added some green shiny yarn and colored it gold to fit the color scheme better. i also love the ribbon and beads on the bottom, i think it utilizes all of the tin and makes it an interesting piece.
this was a slow moving piece because of all the drying time. i had to work on everything a little at a time instead of my usual multitasking way.

but it was finally finished and i am satisfied with it. i'm not sure how to display it though. the beads keep it from being able to stand up, so i guess i'll find a way to hang it.

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