altered spoon necklace

altered spoons were one of the first things i found when i started getting into altered art. i loved the thought of using cutlery as a canvas, but i didn't know what to do with them when they were done. until now! this spoon is my first finished altered cutlery project that i made into a necklace pendant.

basically, i bent the spoon to a good size and painted it gold, blue and green. i used paint remover in places to give the finish a worn vintage feel. then i went through a billion ideas about what to put in the center. i started with a picture of a 1920s woman, didn't like it. so then i tried various clock parts and steampunk pieces assembled in the middle, didn't like it. finally i decided to use a dragonfly picture with a button and a ribbon. simple, right?

then i added the pearls around the edge, a green ribbon to the neck?, and made a pearl rope to hang it on. which absolutely took forever. but it was worth it. finally, i filled the spoon with a media mixer and let it dry. now the surface is smooth and hard. i'm really happy with how this piece turned out and i love the classic vintage feel it has, so elegant.


  1. Michelle G.1.7.10

    hey...so i'm not sure, but what do you mean...you filled the spoon with a media mixer? what is media mixer? i probably know this, but right now it isn't making sense!!

  2. hey michelle! im not sure what its made of, but its a little jar of clear gel that says media mixer. i usually use it for collage, but i figured it would be a clear surface i could cover it with and it worked, now its just a solid shell over the dragonfly and stuff. so i dont know either!
    i think its just a clear gel medium.

  3. Michelle G.9.7.10

    where did you get it from?

  4. it was in a gift bag from the MN conference from Prang. i have a tiny bottle but here is their website with bigger bottles.


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