what i love this week....

dominoes! the ones above can be found at Calamity Kim: Altered Art. i started using this medium about 3 years ago. these were the things that first introduced me to altered art. i loved the idea of using anything for canvas, and dominoes were what i first experimented with. my old blog had a project i did with altered dominoes, using them as covers for a small accordion book.

i also love seeing them used for jewelry, though i haven't been able to do that myself, i don't have anything to use to make holes in them. :(
however, i have used them to make magnets and i am very pleased with the results. this pink and green one was my first attempt. i love the colors and was very surprised at how well the scrapbook flower and button went together. i added a magnet strip to the back and a small piece of ribbon with a bead to the bottom.

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