altered clock

this is another piece in my time/death theme. i have been working on this on and off for about a year, and this is where it is for now. i think i may rework certain parts of it, but i do like some elements of it.
i used clock parts and bolts and nuts along with a plastic skeleton for the main components of the piece and set it in an old clock. first i made a simple paper bag clock face. then i mounted a few nuts and bolts to try to get a feel for what i was doing. originally i was just going to set the skeleton in the center, then i wanted to fuse it with the other elements. so i used some copper wire that i found in the clock when i took it apart and wrapped up the skeleton with some clock parts stuck inside. finally i fused all the elements together with the copper wire.
and this is the result!

i absolutely love the effect of the wrapping. i experimented with wrapping things in assemblage 64 and i will definitely be using it more. my sculpture teacher was always yelling at me to use some kind of wrapping in my pieces, but i thought it was a lame idea. now i wish i would have listened, because it is neat, and i would have made a better grade. :/

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  1. This piece is absolutely stunning! I adore all the wonderful embellishments you used!


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