a little love

i don't do many love pieces, but i kind of felt like it today, so here is a love piece!
it is on a small 5"x7" canvas that i got in a three pack from dollar tree (love!). i started with a cardboard heart that i glued to the center of the canvas. then i glued sheet music over the top and burnished it to fit over the heart. then i used red, green and black oil pastels to add color to the whole piece.

next i got a little creative. i wanted to use some Tim Holtz sprockets, but i only have 2 left and zero money. growing up poor has forced me to find ways around no materials and no money. what i did have was a spare sheet of rubber stamp material. so i traced my last sprockets, cut them out and stuck them to paper clips for some makeshift stamps. i really like them! ha.

so i used these stamps and some swirly stamps to build up some nice layers around the edge and alphabet stamps on the top and bottom. then i used silver crayon on the green and gold on the red for some more swirls.

finally, i added the key and screw. i just used a regular screwdriver and stuck it through the canvas and everything. and the last thing i added was the text, "love", cut from a magazine.


  1. Anonymous11.7.10

    that is super duper cute!
    <3 Q

  2. Wonderful piece. I love that you are using your sprockets as stamps. The effect you got looks really good! I'm always trying to extend my supplies and this was a great idea.

  3. thanks! glad my ideas are helpful. :)


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