what i love this week....

egg art! the first time i saw this was in Altered Curiosities while i was flipping through it at a bookstore. didn't buy it, wish i had. this project is inspired by Carla Trujillo's egg shrine, pictured above.

i started with a paper mache egg i found at Hobby Lobby. then i filled it with a soft steel wool pad to give the inside some texture and also to build a solid background on which to work. then i added some miscellaneous clock parts and other little metal pieces intertwined with the wool.
i loved the effect of wrapping the copper wire i used in my altered clock piece, so i used it again in this piece, but with much more wrapping. i liked how the skeleton really took on some skin and muscle form as i wrapped the wire.
last, i used the same wire to bind it all together, which is my favorite part of the piece. in the picture, it is mounted on a small bottle to hold it up.

i'm not sure what i'll do with this; find a way to mount it as is, or work it into another bigger piece. i really see this as a work in progress still. i want to incorporate this into my time/death theme, i hope to eventually have enough pieces of quality and variety to make a show of it. but we'll see how that goes. for now it's all for fun.


  1. I like this, Beth. It's different from what you usually see. I agree that the wire wrapping gives a lot of interest.

  2. This is both creepy and awesome! and a fab idea


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