This is the first piece in a new Mythological Creatures series. I'll be tagging them under the "Literary" category if you are searching by theme, since they are all based on stories. 

The Wendigo is a fairly common creature in folklore, originating from stories of the Algonquian people. It is supposedly what a human can turn into when he practices cannibalism for an extended period. While images of the Wendigo vary, they usually include elongated limbs and antlers.

Mine began as a small plastic skeleton. I added red clay to build up areas as skin and to hold things in place.

I added two twigs as antlers on his head.

He is affixed to a wooden circle base with a copper name plate.
I love the faux taxidermy element of this. It's like I snatched the little guy from the forest and mounted him on the pedestal. :D

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