Another experimentation in "large" art. This one was a (I believe) wooden serving tray, again, thrifted. I loved the background design and almost just kept it for decoration. But I decided to go with a travel theme, hence the name, and add a clear fill and small planes. Fun fact: airplanes are really difficult to draw and cut from tissue paper.

The planes were drawn on white tissue paper then dipped in clear wax to collage into the piece.

The compass is made from a metal sheet. I carved in the design with a wooden stick and filled with black paint. The arrow is an old clock hand which took me 3 days to find. It was where it was supposed to be, but upside-down and, therefore, invisible. 

I laid some turquoise and black thread into the wax to give it some direction as well.

The handwritten directions were the last thing added to this piece. Again, I am sitting and waiting for it to fall off the wall, but it is so far doing well. :D

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