Yes, that title is the name of the piece. Etymology is the study of words and their origins. Entomology is the study of insects. And as I mix those up frequently, I have created a piece that incorporates them both. Each section has an illustration of an insect that represents something in various cultures.

The first section has a moth which is a symbol of knowledge within the Yaqui Indians tribe of Mexico. Because of that, the moth illustration gets the skull and Cogito, Latin for "The intellectual processes of the self or ego."

The middle section has an illustration of a ladybug. In some Chinese folklore, seeing a ladybug means that finding love is likely. So the ladybug gets the rib cage that would house a heart. It also gets Sentio, Latin for "to feel".

The last section is a bee, a common symbol of industry and hard work. The gets the hands and the Latin word for "to make"; Facio.

And that is Ety(ento)mology. A way too-complicated meaning behind a simple piece. 

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