This piece is fairly different for me, I am trying some new techniques and ideas to incorporate in my other works.
After showing at a couple of galleries last month, one critique I heard was that my works were too small to grab attention in a gallery setting. So now I'm trying some larger works. But that also brings complications. Adding weight to these pieces adds stress on the hanging mechanisms and to the 3D collage materials. I've reinforced both of those things, but I'm also sitting here with them on the wall to see if they're going to fall down. How fun. 

This piece began as a wooden octagon that I found at a thrift store. It was originally a "make your own clock" kit. 

I added a plaster face that had been "gifted" to me last year and did a fill with yellow beeswax. It smells delightful.

Then I added nails and black thread to create a geometric design over the other elements.

From this piece I've decided to add more plaster pieces (I love the element of realism and the endless possibilities of using casts and molds), and geometric designs. It is a nice contrast between the organic themes of the face and wax vs the geometric strings and wood.

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