Carousel: Using Colored Wax and String

These videos show how to prepare and add string using colored wax. They go along with my Carousel piece.

Step 1: Dipping String

Very simple process: melt wax in container (here I have them separated in a muffin tin on a griddle), dip strings into desired color, let dry on wax paper. WORK FAST this stuff dries super quickly.

Step 2:

Like on the Sing & Sting pieces, I'm not using any glue to hold things in place. Unlike those pieces, I'm adding my object, the horse, as the wax dries instead of before I add the wax. This lets it "float" closer to the edge rather than be covered in wax. 

Find more on my You Tube Channel available here, or by clicking the gray You Tube Icon near the top of the page. 

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