Encaustic Tutorial: Clear Wax Fills

I'm showing the process behind my Sing & Sting pieces, which are regrettably not my best craftsmanship (I mentioned how this was a weird batch of wax). You can view more and details at my YouTube Channel. Hopefully more to come, enjoy my first videos!

Step 1: Adding BackgroundVery fast and simple: glue desired background to wood. I'm using spray adhesive and handwritten text on 8"x8" masonite. You could paint on a background directly to the wood, but allow it to dry before you fill. Otherwise, you'll get "swirls" like those seen in my Tempus Fugit piece, which can also be nice.

Step 2: Adding a BorderSuper important! Make sure you have a durable border with no holes or gaps unless you love melted wax on everything. I'm using masking tape around the edge wrapped onto the back of the wood.

Step 3: Adding ItemsI added my item (a wasp nest) and poured in melted clear wax. You'll notice it is clear then turns opaque as it dries. I did not glue it down first. You may want to glue it in if you have especially delicate pieces that could move around. 

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