Encaustic Incisions

This is how I created the white incised lines in my Sing & Sting pieces which was not my favorite to work with (but of course it's the one I used for all of these videos! >:( ) 

I'm using a sharp tool to cut lines into the wax. Then I'm using a paintbrush and white wax to fill them in. Last, I'm using a sculpture tool to scrape away the excess wax to reveal a crisp line. 


  1. Prince18.3.15

    Hi Beth. That was an interesting procedure. Can you prepare a wax template incorporating my company logo? i would like to use this unique effect as a background for my website.

  2. Hi Prince! I can certainly try. ;)
    Send me your logo and ideas to my email at bamoore2011@hotmail.com and we'll get this going. ^_^


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