altered deck: 52 card challenge

i have decided to finally take on a project i've had in mind for a while: altering a deck of cards. i have seen some nice examples online, the one above is from a blog called Jazzy's Favorite Art. their group gave each number a different theme and made it a cooperative project. i love the idea, but this time i'm going solo. and i haven't claimed that mine will carry any kind of theme. also i won't do them in any specific order, just whatever comes to mind. i also am not saying that this is a 52 day challenge, i'm way too busy to commit to that. but anyway, i am starting officially. and here is my first.
this is the ace of hearts. simple stuff here. i used 2 $1 stamps from Michael's and a small feather. very simple, but i am satisfied with it. much more to come. feel free to join in on the challenge at any time! post a link in a comment of any of the cards posts to share your work!

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  1. Anonymous19.8.11

    Eeeeeek! I love that!!!!!!


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