Folk 'N Art Festival

This weekend was the Folk 'N Art Festival at Mayday Brewery in Murfreesboro. Aside from the ungodly heat, it was a very pleasant experience. I loved meeting other local artists and I sold a fair bit of work. It was surprisingly hard to let some of those pieces go, but I do hope they've found a home with people who love them. A lot of people took a card, so if you are here from that, I also encourage you to find me on face book at Eclectic Etc. to see updates. You can also share pictures of my works in your home and let me know how they're working out for you! Thanks to everyone who came by and everyone who's been supporting me. Hopefully I'll see you all at other art fairs coming this fall!
Here are some pictures from my booth. Come see it in person next time. ;)

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