Home Insecurity

finally finished this piece! it's been in the working for about...4 months? hard to make art when school is in, too much other art to be made for grades. but here it is: Home

This piece started with a tiny little grandfather clock from a thrift shop. it was the first piece to make its home here. i knew that i wanted to use two other items for this; a small Harbor Breeze bauble, i think it's from a fan, and the rusted key hole from the rusted door i used in my Phrenology piece.

the next things to come in were a broken fork and a weird shaped cork. i wrapped some extra fluffy yarn around the fork like spaghetti, and i kind of liked it, but i wasn't sure where i was going with that. i decided to place it behind a tiny piece of glass that i got from a friend who used to work at Lowe's and would give me glass shards etc. i placed a fortune cookie behind the glass with the form that says "you are talented in many ways". i do love using fortune cookies.

the next box i worked on included the puppy and button. this section was supposed to include a few more comforting items, but still ones that were broken or tethered.
next i filled the bottom center box with broken mirrors, tacks, a key, some wire, and a card stock "h".

the last section i completed is my favorite: the center. i found a mutilated doll at Goodwill and used its torso. this section had been half finished forever and i was very surprised when that doll bit was exactly what i needed. last i added a wonderful cog that i salvaged from an old clock. i love this section because it has a very mechanical feel to it with the rusted key hole, gear, and the ball chain of the bauble.

this piece was made to portray the stress and tension in a broken home, which is a subject that interests me. i used all household items (basically anything, not like fairy tales or space). it was difficult to make this piece unified because of all the different colors of my items, but i feel that it was successful in the end.


  1. Loving all your assemblage work, such cool elements and details :D

  2. Wanted to send along some wishes for a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



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