what i love this week....

so i know its not tuesday, but i am a bit over due for this...so what i love this week is...Carnivale Art! my inspiration comes from Lisa Kettel's Altered Art Circus, pictured above, that i received as a gift from one of my friends. i mostly loved how she altered her animals, using bright colors and glitter.

so, inspired by this, i started on my own circus themed assemblage. i made my own box from cardboard, with a simple layout, no small boxes on the inside. the idea of this one was to be a traveling advertisment, like the ones from old carnivales that displayed sideshows etc. so i had only 1 compartment.

then i added the background, a diamond pattern from one of my old sketchbooks, that was once going to be an alice in wonderland page, but never happened.

then i needed a subject, so i found this sad little girl picture in one of my art books.

next i added the tickets, and my color scheme
was born. black, white and red. to go with this, i added the wiggly ribbon border, then the button and feather and small stars.

to bring out the girl, i gave her a border of pearls.

small objects, like a drum, die, blocks and small bowling pin were added a the bottom.

i finished it with some thread to act as bars and the caps from some fancy grape juice to be the wheels.

honesty, i was never a fan of this while i worked on it. but now, looking back through the pictures of it as i post this, i do have a much better fondness for it. i think i do like it. :)
and side note, today i got to over 1000 page views! yay!!!! ^_^

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