yay presents...

so for our anniversary this year, my fiance and i took to the internet. he got a bunch of new music books and supplies that "i" bought for him and "he" got me some new art books and supplies! (pictured above) i got some tissue tape, paper stacks and configuration boxes from idea-ology, The Secrets of Rusty Things, and Altered Curiosities. soooo happy to expand my book collection and i've wanted these forever!

also, Tim Holtz's compendium of curiosities just came today, and apparently it comes with a bonus freebie, some trinket pins! yay!

and this picture of my kitty, Zoot, was literally taken 2 minutes after i removed the items from the box. he does not hesitate to claim his boxes. what a cutie.


  1. Lovely goodies, enjoy reading and playing, cute cat BTW

  2. You are going to have such a lot of creative fun, brill. Annette x


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