ever have those pieces in your studio that you absolutely love and want to put in every artwork, but it just doesn't work? and those others that you keep because it's okay and you may use it sometime but it's not that great? well, that's what happened to create this piece, Burst. I was in love with the large gear and wanted to use it in everything, but it never worked with anything. the little canvas (3"x5") is something that I've had since I was...10? I had drawn some smiley faces and things on it.  turns out, when you put them together, they are perfect for one another!
Simple process: I wrapped the canvas with a dictionary page, then cut out a hole for the gear with a craft knife. then I screwed the gear in and it held surprisingly well, no need for any adhesive. so that's it. took about 15 minutes, and it's one of my favorites. I may go back and do an encaustic fill on this one..not sure yet. it would be a great addition to my Rust & Wax  series...

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