this is a fairy tale themed assemblage. imagery is kind of predictable, but it's something i felt i needed to do. 8"x8".


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  2. Prince10.2.15

    Every now and then, a body of work is exposed to the public which proves itself to be so unique that one can't help but to be impressed by it. Creativity is often sought out in higher institutions of learning... however, there are those who are born with such a gift and such a talent, that no classroom instruction or training could ever produce. Eclectic Etc. is truly concrete evidence of such talent and we are all the more appreciative of Beth's decision to share the fruits of her unique talent with us. Thank you.

    1. thank you Prince. :)
      here is the event page for the upcoming show. I also just made a post about it. Tuesday, March 2nd from 8-11 at the Two-Tone Gallery in Murfreesboro. 113 W. Lytle St. Murfreesboro. I will be there around 9-10.

    2. Prince16.3.15

      Sorry i was not able to make it. I was in Las Vegas for a Real Estate Buyer's Conference and just got back. I really miss seeing you, but am very happy things are moving along regarding your Teacher Position, as well as your Art Exhibits. i will try to make as many as I can. You know you have my support in all that you do.


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