music themed art

this is my piece for this month's Alter-It Monthly challenge: music.

it is a simple domino piece. i spray painted it gold and trimmed the edges with some music scrapbook paper and the bottom with a beaded ribbon. then i added some swirly stamps to the back ground and a little glitter glaze.
next, i added a treble clef sticker. i wanted to use wrapping in this piece, but with a different material. i used black thread to wrap the piece and kind of simulate the feel of a music staff. (i had tried to image transfer a music staff to the background, but it wouldn't take. :/)
next, i made a small flower from some sheet music and used a blue bead for the center. i was going to use a gold and sepia color theme only, but when i painted onto the sheet music, the ink bled and gave a blueish tint to places. so i accented it with a blue bead.
last, i added some gold paint for dots in the corners and some text, "sing". and it is seen here propped against some lovely vintage singing lesson books.

and of course, there is never a project that my little kitty Zoot doesn't try to sabotage. this time i was lucky enough to get a picture of him in the act, destroying my meticulously stacked pile of sheet music.

i also made another piece for this challenge, an altered can. i made it before the domino, but decided that it had been a while since i had done a domino project that i changed my mind!

for this can, i painted it gold and added the same ribbon and beads to the top. i made some larger flowers from sheet music and used buttons as the center.
then i added some music note stickers (i have a ton of music things, my fiance is a music student). finally, i added some black thread running around the top and bottom.

because my fiance is a music student, i have made plenty of music themed art for him and i feel like sharing!
so for his birthday a couple years ago, i made him this wall hanging of a saxophone (his instrument). it is made of MDF plywood, painted black with gold accents made from bristol board.

over the summer, i made this little piece, about 4"x6". it is an encaustic piece. the background is orange encaustic paint and all of the images are transfers.


  1. ooo!! i love what you did with the domino! and the thread as the music staff is a brilliant idea!

  2. OOoo look at it all.. nice stuff. I love the domino , and your paper flowers.

  3. Its all gorgeous, especially your domino, fab. Annette x


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