Nature Assemblage

Over the holiday break, i made a couple of new assemblages, but never posted them....so here is one! for this assemblage, i made my own box from cardboard with hot glue. then i spray painted it gold and used some green scrapbook paper for the background of the boxes and to frame the windows.

i wanted to make a kind of cutesy fairy nature themed piece. so i included elements like woodland creatures, little bottles, glitter, rocks moss, etc. the box in the top left contains clock hands and some parchment that says "thyme". (i thought that was clever, lol)

the next box below is contains a little key with gems and another parchment piece. this parchment actually is from the lord of the rings. i was completely obsessed with it in high school, so i learned how to write "one ring to rule them all, one ring to find them, one ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them" in elvish. so i wrote this out maybe....6 years ago? sitting in a craft box for that long made it yellow, and very pretty!

below that i have another bee, as seen in my field researcher's journal assemblage. i used some travel themed chipboard as the frame for this window that has text, keys and buildings on it.
below that i back a picture of some cute falcons and set them in.

the top right box contains a dragonfly pendent, some rock, moss and a tag with keys on it. next to that is the handle of a small paint brush, i love the little numbers on things. next to that is the top of the brush with two little bottles. i placed an old spool beneath that and the compartment next to that contains another gold arm as seen in assemblage 64 and a small wooden bead. i stamped the back of this box with a little "take some time" clock stamp. above these boxes is a small gold gear that i salvaged from an old clock.

directly below these compartments is a row of glass marbles. underneath that is a square bottle with a feather inside and some nature dropping on either side.
so that's my new nature/fairy themed assemblage. ta da!


  1. Anonymous17.1.11

    LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!

  2. Beautiful, so love this.


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